Tuesday, July 1, 2008

create or clean? hmmm!

o.k. - do you ever have one of those days when there is a lot of work around the house that needs to be done like laundry and ironing and cleaning? but for some reason, your brain just keeps focusing on ideas and projects and things that take you to a place that you shouldn't go (while you have chores to do anyway). a place where you can't write your ideas down fast enough and if you don't write them down, they are gone...because you are already on to the next light bulb? well, today was one of those days. when the day was done, nothing else was...not the laundry...not the ironing...and especially not the cleaning! :)


Beverly Dillow said...

Hi Becky, I've had a ton of those days and I think we all need them every once in a while. :) I bet you did get some creative things done though.

If you ever go to OKC, be sure to go to Pops, it is fun and unique.



Bonita said...

Do you mean people actually have days where they "do" accomplish things other than creative endeavors?! It's been so long since I had a day like that I can't remember. And my house looks like it too!

Centsible Mommy said...

yes...everday! An dyou can tell by my home!