Thursday, January 24, 2008

God Gives Manicures

Guess what I found at the Dollar Tree yesterday? A nail file in the shape of a polygon...each side and one end numbered and labeled with progressive steps. It caught my eye because I am leading a Bible Study and the title of this weeks lesson just happens to be God Gives Manicures.

Step 1: Course Grit to Shape
Step 2: Medium Grit to Refine
Step 3: Fine Grit to Smooth Edges
Step 4: Condition
Step 5: Smooth
Step 6: Buff
Step 7: Polish and Shine

Can't you relate to these steps in sooooooooo many areas of your life? I can, especially that step #1. Can't wait for the Polish and Shine part!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kitchen Candy's not the kind of candy that you make in the kitchen - it's eye candy for my cabinets! Sometimes it's fun to mix things up a bit!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Retail with Detail

I bought these retail, added the detail and ta's what I ended up with. I kept myself very busy during the month of December with this little side project. Each year at my daughter's school, prior to Christmas, they offer a Christmas Shop for the kids. This year I purchased a table and sold my embellished picture frames, albums and ornaments. My top sellers... personalized ornaments and dog bone picture frames. Who knew?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Come Thirsty!

One of my favorite ways to begin the holiday season is to attend my church's annual Ladies Christmas Tea. Hundreds of tables fill our church gym for four nights at the end of November - each decorated by a different hostess. The tables are amazing and it is such a fun event, but the most incredible part of the Tea is that over 2,000 women attend each year so there is a huge opportunity to reach women for Christ. The theme this year was Come Thirsty - the message focused on the Woman at the Well. We were encouraged to "drop our rocks", those stones we tend to hurl at others. My favorite line was, "Rocks don't hit sin, they hit people"! Something to ponder!