Friday, November 16, 2007


I sold my garden stool on eBay and received my very first pay pal deposit...YES! I think I could really enjoy this type of "inside sales". The whole process was pretty effortless and extremely satisfying. It was exciting to watch people bid and the price go up, up, up! I definitely will be selling again in the very near future!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Brave New World

Last night I listed my first item on eBay, EVER! It is a Beautiful Mackenzie Childs type piece. The reason I say "type" is because it doesn't have the signature. I'm thinking maybe it was manufactured for MKC, but didn't meet their specs. It is a great item...I have one just like it. Mine is actually in a box waiting to be opened on my birthday. However, when I'm home alone, I open it, take it out, look at it, then put it away before my family gets home.:) Isn't it fun to anticipate? ANNTICIPAATION IS MAKING ME WAIT...