Saturday, March 22, 2008

Always Ready For A Party...

I have been having waaaay too much fun lately... creating! My passion is custom children's theme parties, hence the blog title, Queen of Theme. I got my business license a while ago, but I've been waiting for just the right time to take the leap. You see, of course, I want everything on my terms...the perfect number of parties (no stress), the perfect clients (easy to deal with), the perfect timing (when my husband is at work and my daughter has plans and I have nothing better to do), and the perfect financial agreement (little work - lots of dollars). I don't think I'm asking for too much, do you?
No, really, on a serious note, I am very excited about my new business venture. I'm kicking around the idea of classifying this business as a non-profit, so that I can create and throw fabulous custom theme parties and make a difference in a child's life all at the same time. I contacted Ronald McDonald House and have already committed to donating a party for their auction this summer. Although this specific party will not be for an underprivileged child, it will still benefit a wonderful organization.
I think I have a novel approach that would allow people to purchase my invitations, banners, party packs, etc. with the proceeds going to throw parties for deserving children. I'll have to do a little more investigating before I know if it is really feasible. In the meantime, I am in need of any thoughts, ideas or experience in the fund raising department. I need your help! I would LOVE to hear your suggestions!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

kari & kijsa

Sandy said...

Hi Becky - congrats on your new biz! sounds like a fabulous idea going non-profit too!
I've had my Balcony Girls for 3 yrs and it's something I've started. If I had more time, I'd put it into book form! Some day ... (sigh) :)
Thanks for visiting me!!!

debi said...

your banner's really cute....and of course you know what I think of your business ideas :)
can't wait to see where this all leads!

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey mommy!!! you know how much i love your party ideas.... but i'm not going to voice them until you have someone to do an actual party for.... JK JK!!! i love you.... hope you have an awesome day!!! prple chair chitchat

Mind Your Manors said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for visiting our site. Wanna do a theme for my kiddos birthday sometime??