Thursday, July 10, 2008

The most lavish gift

What is the most lavish gift you have ever received from someone?
I received a very lavish gift from my DH for Christmas a couple of years, it was not a girl's best friend (which we all know is diamonds), however, that doesn't mean that I don't want diamonds or think that they are not lavish, dear sweet hubby. But instead, on this particular Holiday, I received man's best friend. That's right...the most lavish gift I've ever gotten - and this is why!
My husband likes dogs...even had a very special one growing up named Troubles! But, in all of the years that we'd been married, my husband had always said, and I quote, "we will NEVER have a dog living in our house"! NO NO NEVER NEVER huh-uh uh! And for 18 long years that was so! But life's circumstances have a way of changing minds...and after an event that changed the course of our very lives, my mantra became "life is too short". That little phrase paid off in a big way when one Christmas Eve my hubby slipped upstairs with a gift. Could it be pearls? diamonds? pots and pans? was obviously something that made noise. Although I never heard a sound, my daughter, who has super-sonic hearing (yes, she's an only child) began to go nuts! As my husband threatened her within an inch of her life, I was more perplexed than ever as to what all the commotion was about. You see, I knew FOR A FACT that my DH would never bring another living breathing animal into our house - my daughter already had a cat! And I knew FOR A FACT that my DH would NEVER in a million years let us have a dog! So you can imagine my astonishment when my husband presented me with an adorable, precious puppy! I was surprised, shocked, stunned, amazed...I am thankful, grateful and forever blessed!
It isn't that Dach Holiday (that's what we named him) is such an extravagant gift - it's that my sweet, dear, wonderful, loving hubby put my desire to have a dog WAAAAAAAAAAY above his "til death do we part"NEVER gonna have a house dog desire! :)


Centsible Mommy said...

That was so sweet of your husband...and the dog is so cute. I have 5 dogs and a cat.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment.

Have a great day!

Bonita said...

Well, my goodness, how could he possibly resist that face? I love these types of gifts so much more than those that are "forced" and given just because it's a holiday. This gift meant that he knew your heart's desire and was willing to live sacrifically to give it to you. Sounds like you got way more than one gift!

Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Becky, what an adorable furbaby! And sounds like a pretty adorable husband too!

nancygrayce said...

That is the sweetest face on a dog! Bless his little heart! We had a huge lab and when he died, I said only little, non shedding dogs from now on......I brought home a toy poodle and my husband was terribly upset. Fast forward 3 years and that dog sleeps by his daddy every nite! Plus we have another one! Yes, things change!