Monday, June 23, 2008

little did i know

little did i know that i would be cleaning out all of my kitchen cabinets today...but when i noticed that one of my cabinets was pulling away from the wall last night...well, we had to get the repair job going early this everything, and i do mean EVERYTHING, had to come off those shelves. i guess there's never been a better time to clean out my cabinets :)


thouartloosed said...

I hate when I'm forced to make big piles. Hope your cabinets get done quickly.
Enjoyed your pictures with poem, too!

PAT said...

Hi Becky
I need to do this too! No cabinets pulling away here, but I did hear a huge crash at the farm many years ago. When I walked in the kitchen the corner cabinet door was open and one of the shelves was at an angle. I didn't think I had much sitting on that shelf, but it came away from the cabinet sides!

I've been to places in St Charles and a couple in St Louis County, listed in the Girlfriend's Guide. Who knows, your mom and I might have crossed paths at some time or other. I met the authors at All About Home, a few months ago, when they were compiling the latest edition. They seemed like they would be lots of fun. The perfect authors for this guide.


debi said...

Wow! That could have been a real mess!
I started cleaning mine last my kitchen looked like yours does here for a day :)
it was so worth it, though.....I love being organized once again!

Bonita said...

Glad you discovered that cabinet issue before a big catastrophe happened! I'm one of those nosey people who enjoys seeing what you have in your cabinets. It makes me feel better about all the stuff in mine!